Green Party

I joined the Green Party / Comhaontas Glas because it seemed to me that unfortunately most of our politics was suffering from short-sightedness. I wanted clean politics, done fairly behind open doors. I wanted politics that could reverse the growing inequalities in our society. I wanted politics that wouldn’t just talk about climate change when it was popular, but would take action when it was needed.

So I joined a movement which looks not just to the next election but to the next generation. This movement of people comes from all walks of life – scientists, businesspeople, students, farmers, teachers, hairdressers, campaigners, and everything in between.

Lots of people ask me if the Greens are gone. We certainly lost all our TDs in 2011, but we remain willing and determined to work to improve our communities. The issues we care about – inequality, closed politics, climate change – haven’t gone away. In 2014 the Irish people elected a dozen Green councillors across Ireland. But in the end the only person who decides whether we remain is you – and that’s why we’re asking for your number 1 vote at this election.

More information about us and our policies can be found on